So … what the Hell brought you here?

Seriously? Why are you looking at my page? Something had to bring you here. You tell me why you’re here.

I can give you the basics … I am Jason Geldmacher. Are you bored yet?

I was born in Wheeling, WV in 1979. I grew up in Woodsfield, OH and have lived in other areas of Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia(DC Metro), and currently reside in Pennsylvania. Yawn!

OK. Some juice … I’m GAY!!!!

Back to the boring stuff. Despite living in the Midwest, I tend to not align with much of the Midwestern mentality. Call me a big city East coast guy, stuck in a corn-fed Midwesterner’s body. I definitely prefer to live in the city, but was born and raised in the small town next to the farm. That gives me a unique perspective on some things.

I’m a musician, an artist, a thinker, a do-er. I’m a Gemini and can definitely view both sides of everything. That’s why my blog will be the perfect outlet for me to express some of these artistic explosions and also a place for you to get to know me better. If you don’t like it, and some of you won’t, you can always move on.

Want some more juice? I’m typically painfully shy, introverted, and … wait … that’s only true for the first few minutes of meeting me, then you will see the outlandishly fabulous me. It’s worth sticking around for those few minutes of silence. Trust me.

I have some pretty strong opinions about things, especially politics, the arts, nursing, and generally anything that is an important part of my life. Want to know more about what those are? You will just have to stick around and read up on me.

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